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Festivals 2018       Chairs: Incentive forms: bottom of this page

Teachers click on festival name for forms:  (Chair names active)

Senior All-County   
Dates:  January 5  & 6, 2018 -

Concert 3:00 p.m. Band, Jazz Band & Women's Chorus TBA

Concert 5:00 p.m. Orchestra & Mixed Chorus  TBA
Site: TBA              
    Host/Site Chair:
    Band Chair

  Mixed Chorus Chairs:
    Women's Chorus Chairs: 

    Orchestra Chair:

    Jazz Band Chair:


Junior All-County  Dates:  February 2 & 3, 2018-

Concert 3 p.m. Band & Treble Chorus TBA

Concert 5:00 p.m. Orchestra & Mixed Chorus  TBA
    Site: TBA              
   Host/Site Chair:
    Band Chair:
    Mixed Chorus Co-Chairs
    Treble Chorus Co-Chairs: 

    Orchestra Chair:

Intermediate All-County   
Dates:  March 2 & 3, 2018
Concert 2:00 p.m. Orchestra & Chorus B: Nan, NR, PR, RC

Concert 4:00 p.m. Band & Chorus A:  Cl,  Ny, SO, ER
    Site: TBA

    Host/Site Chair:
Band Chair:
    Chorus "A" Co-Chairs:  

    Chorus "B" Co-Chairs:
    Orchestra Co-Chairs:

If you would like to volunteer for a chair please contact 
Donna Cardillo

Volunteers are always needed to chair a festival, help with orchestra seating, chaperone, assist with the dress rehearsals, & general supervision.

The General membership meetings always take place on the Saturday morning of the festival weekend usually around 10:00 AM . Even if you do not have students participating, please try to make the general membership meetings. It is here that the music teachers can meet, share ideas, keep informed and ask questions.



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